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UK-Jumping, for those with long memories, began as a booklet, Midweek Money-Spinners, sometimes known as Midweek Moneyspinners back in the days where only billionaires could afford a website. This gave a list of horses to follow for a year, working on an unerring faith that obscure names on small tracks could produce profitable betting, when the horses were backed selectively. As the information super-highway took off, it became apparent that the flexibility of monthly lists and the power to change the mind was a handy tool, and allowed diversification into bigger events, such as the Cheltenham Festival. So the switch was made to a website in November 2010. What UK-Jumping hopes to bring you are profitable lists of horses to follow (Horses), a daily, when practical, preview of the next day's most appealing race, on paper at least (Preview). There is also the ranting questioning of gross stupidity being sent out into the atmosphere unquestioned (World Of Sport). Racing is supposed to be fun first and foremost, so hopefully readers will enjoy what is on offer, and ten years plus down the line, there is still no substitute for a selling handicap hurdle! Except, for some, maybe the Grand National. Of course, we do acknowledge that our flat racing cousins attract some interest as well, and the longer distance races can be a useful source of future jumpers!

Betting on horses is what makes watching the races fun for a lot of people. Others prefer to have a punt online playing a range of casino games. Itís also great for UK players to be able to invest a few pounds on a game of online poker. But neither of those can compare to the thrill of watching the horse you bet on cross the finish line. Using a jump racing guide can assist you in making the right choices.

And it is apparently now illegal for any website not to a have a collage,* so here is one

(*obscure clause in anti-terror legislation as a montage of pictures with an off-centre caption are to a terrorist what a garlic crucifix is to a vampire).

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Preview: race of the day from Ludlow on 23/3/17

Horses: last updated 28/2/17: March 2017 list to follow

Reports: last updated 13/3/17: Latest from Stratford & Whitfield

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Guest Article: last updated 2/2/17: The latest guest contribution

Courses: last updated 30/12/16: Updating of the course guides

Grand National: last updated 6/4/16: The pre-match update for the 2016 race, and a short intro to the biggest race in the land (see the navigation bar above)

Empire: last updated 13/3/17: Latest news on the horses and dogs

World of Sport: last updated 19/3/17: Two new thoughts and the 2016 Awards

FAQ: last updated 16/1/14: A bit of a rejig of which races qualify for interest and which do not

Links: last updated 28/3/16: A new link in the Betting section.

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Instead of a quote of the week, which is unique to here and 3 million other websites, it is now time to settle with just the one, which has served mankind well in arenas beyond racing, but serves to remind us that the horse is the ultimate leveller.

"History shows again and again, how nature points out the folly of men."

from Blue Oyster Cult's 'Godzilla'

or, in a more cerebral tone

We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about 'and.' 


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